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How I make a 6 figure income as a graphic designer

I remember my very first project, I remember the customer being very demanding and spending more time on that project that I'd like to admit especially at the price I charged. I didn't know better and that's the mistake a lot of new designers make, they have no idea how to charge for projects. As a designer you have to remember that people are paying for your time, so never underestimate your worth. Another mistake that I've made along the way is giving discounts to "friends" and family, this is a BIG no-no, people should pay full price no matter what! If they really support your business then your prices should not matter. Even the individuals who can't afford your services, that's unfortunate but they aren't your target market, you will learn quickly in this business that you CANNOT please everyone.

Ok, enough with the ranting, lets move forward to becoming financially free as a graphic designer. Answer the following questions

  • Which graphic design service do you specialize in?

  • How are you marketing yourself ?

  • Where can I view your work ?

Which graphic design service do you specialize in ? This is a very important question because many new designers try to specialize in EVERYTHING graphic design related when honestly you should only offer 1-2 services. Keep it simple , it makes work flow easier and also you can get more clients when you focus on just a few things at a time. I choose website design and logo design as my specialty, but you do what you love the most keeping in mind that the more complex the service, the higher the price.

How are you marketing yourself ? What tools are you using to let people know that you are available for business ? Social media is your bestfriend , there are ways to market your services for free , however this does require a lot of time and dedication! I have always used IG ads to promote my business and it has made me a tremendous amount of money. You can create a custom budget that works for you and watch the magic happen.

Where can I view your work ? Do you have a portfolio ? How about a website ? People wont utilize your services if they can’t see your work, so create a portfolio to show your potential clients what you have to offer. Not sure where to start with an online portfolio, try , easy to navigate/design , very user friendly.

Now that we have reviewed the questions , it’s time to start making money.

Michelle A.

Kreative Revolution Graphics

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